Torah Fair!

One of the highlights of Maayan is an emphasis on PBL – Project Based Learning.  This was encapsulated by the show Maayan students put on for Torah Fair this past Tuesday.  Students preschool and up created innovative displays showcasing their learning.  From the 10 plagues/makkot, to Kosher, to in-depth research on the laws of Blessings/Brachot, the learning that was done was evident throughout the school.  Each grade focused on a particular area that they worked as a class to learn about.  Students then worked in pairs or created on their own a presentation for the fair.  The fluency and knowledge that the students were able to impart regarding their projects was truly impressive.  Below are the various topics that were covered by grade.

  • Mayim -Preschool – The 10 Makkot
  • Kindergarten – The blessings on food
  • 1st grade – Ahavta L’reiacha Kamocha – loving your friend like yourself
  • 2nd and 3rd grade – The laws of Kosher animals
  • 4th grade – The Shemona Esrei
  • Middle school boys – Jewish history periods from the 10th century to the
  • present-day
  • Middle school girls – Brachot 2.0: in-depth research on complex brachot scenarios.

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