Learning to the End

We have had another full week here at Maayan.  Students are working and growing in class.  Excitement for the end of the year is building.

In Tipot, students traced their bodies and decorated their clothing.


In Geshem, students listened and watched a video about animals.  They sang and acted out the song, jumping like kangaroos and running like lions.


In Mayim, music class with Mrs. Bagley was so fun, as students were able to sing and play instruments.


In Mrs. Shenk’s class, students are working on verbs and their endings.


In Mrs. Gore’s class, students were working on the letter “u.”  They got to make a unicorn and practice writing and using the letter.  They also practiced making big numbers and representing them with physical objects.


In Mrs. Kalter’s class, students learned about Avraham escorting out the angels from his tent and the importance of escorting out our own guests.


In Mrs. Bagley’s class, students worked on finishing up their novel study of Mr. Popper’s Penguins.


In Rabbi Kalter’s class, students are nearing the end of Parsha Miketz.  Students will be presenting Yahados projects soon.


In Mrs. Depew’s class, students are finishing up their book projects on From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.  The 4th grade students decided to make a string art representation of something in the book.  They also wrote book summaries.



The Yachad girls had a beautiful Zimrah performance.  What a great evening for our girls.  They did such a great job writing and performing their play.


In Dr. B.’s class, the 6th grade girls worked on data collection and representing their work and the 5th graders continued their novel study.


In Mr. Wilson’s class, students played Scategories after finishing up their science unit.


In Mrs. Skolnik’s class, the girls worked on translating and reading together as a class.


In Rabbi Skolnik’s class, the Yachad boys talked about a current case and how it would be judged by American law versus how it would be judged with Torah law.  They are getting ready for a mock trial.


The Yachad boys worked on summarizing novels they have read and math equations for Frontier Charter Academy.



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