We are working on developing our skills as writers here at Maayan.  Each class is focusing on how to formulate good sentences, paragraphs, and papers throughout the school.  Writing is such an important part in our world, and our students are using these skills to express their creative ideas, as well as information they have learned.

In Tipot, students shared ideas about what butterflies eat, things we see in spring, and read books.


In Geshem, Mrs. Bagley led a percussion-oriented music class.


In Mayim, students worked together in groups to make the food that the Very Hungry Catepillar ate.


In Mrs. Shenk’s class, students work on letter and word formation in Hebrew.


In Mrs. Gore’s class, students write creative stories in their journals with a focus of cause and effect in their writing.IMG_0352IMG_0353IMG_0354

In Mrs. Kalter’s class, students translated words and put them in the correct order.


In Mrs. Bagley’s class, students focused on writing informational paragraphs with topic sentences and details sentences.


In Rabbi Kalter’s class, students read aloud together and wrote translated portions of the Parsha of the week.


In Mrs. Depew’s class, students took their excitement about the end of the year field trip to Oaks Park and wrote about it.  They learned how to ensure each paragraph has a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and conclusions that all tie in together.


In Dr. B’s class, the girls are making their own “summary” book about their literature circle books.  They also answered comprehension and inference summaries about the writing of the Constitution.


In Mr. Wilson’s class, the girls drew, described, and identified transverse and longitudinal waves.


In Mrs. Skolnik’s class, the girls worked on planning their trip coming up next month.


The Yachad Boys participated in the state testing for Frontier Charter Academy this week.


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