Torah Fair

Our students did a great job presenting their information at the Torah Fair.  They put a lot of effort into their projects and were able to clearly communicate it to everyone.  Each classroom had a different theme and project.  All students were involved and participated.  It was fun to see the excitement on each face and to have so many parents visiting.

In Tipot, students and parents made necklaces together with Cheerios and grapes.


In Geshem class, students painted plates with their parents with trees on them.


In Mayim class, parents and students made a tree with glue and food.  It was so fun.


In Kindergarten and 1st grade, students made a game board with shalom solutions.


In 2nd grade the students made a living wax museum about different parts of Shabbas.


The Yachad Chumash class presented their different mitzvot to explain and display.


The Yachad Girls presented the different tribes of Israel and their history.


The Yachad Talmud class presented about different judges and courts within the legal system.


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