Reading and Growing

Reading is such an important value and skill to have.  When you read, you are able to learn about challenging concepts, can visit far away places, learn about new people, and much more.  In both our Judaic and General Studies classes, students are working in large groups, partners, and individually to grow in their reading skills.  Students have discussions with each other and with teachers about what they have read, in order to grow and learn together.

In Tipot, the class played with Jello and made different color Kool-Aids to have a taste test.


In Geshem, students had circle time singing together about different Mitzvahs.


In Mayim, students wrote in sand and painted pictures of fruit for Tu Bshvat.


In Mrs. Shenk’s class, students work in groups on certain Hebrew letters, how to form them and when to use them.IMG_4845IMG_4846

In Mrs. Gore’s class, students read passages and figured out which words were nouns and which words were verbs.  They also figured out what type of community helpers can be found at school.IMG_4831IMG_4830IMG_4829

In Mrs. Kalter’s class, students read about spending time with people who are righteous, in order to learn from them and be influenced positively from them.IMG_4850IMG_4849IMG_4848IMG_4847

In Mrs. Bagley’s class, students read with partners and talked about events happening in the book.IMG_4835IMG_4834IMG_4833IMG_4832

In Rabbi Kalter’s class, students talked about the life lessons they could get from Rashi and how to apply concepts about negative speech.IMG_4842IMG_4843

In Mrs. Depew’s class, students read news articles and presented their information to the class.


In Dr. B.’s class, students worked on book projects from their literature books and read together grade level books, analyzing and making inferences about events and characters.


In Mr. Wilson’s class, the girls presented their experiments and skits that portray science vocabulary.


In Mrs. Skolnik’s class, the girls read and talked about giving to people that are less fortunate than you.


In Rabbi Skolnik’s class, the boys read and talked about differing opinions when it comes to loans and whether or not documents are needed.


Students wrote and recorded themselves giving speeches based on what they are reading for Frontier Charter Academy.


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