Sunny Days and Smiling Faces

It has been another wonderful week at Maayan.  Students are working on Chanukah projects and learning so many different lessons and concepts in each class.  Even though it has been sunny outside, it is very cold.  Please make sure your child is coming to class with warm jackets and sweaters for recess.  We look forward to seeing you all tonight at our school Chanukah event at 6:00pm!

We had a very fun visitor to school this last week.  Mr. Lizard came with so many interesting and fun reptiles for students to see and learn about.

pic5pic4pic 1pic3

All of the preschool classes went on a field trip this week to the fire department.


In Tipot class, during circle time, students talked about Chanukah and the different items that are used.  They also got to play with dreidels.


In Geshem class, students had fun circle time with Morah Tehila.


In Mayim class, students practiced washing their hands and taking turns.


In Mrs. Shenk’s class, students are copying the prayer that is sung after lighting the candles for Chanukah from print to script.


Mrs. Gore worked with the kindergarten group, focusing on the letter H.  She also worked with her class on sight words and long vowel sounds.



Mrs. Kalter’s class practiced for their Chanukah performance.  You are going to love it!


In Mrs. Bagley’s class, they worked on how to write a paragraph using transition words and correct punctuation.


In Rabbi Kalter’s class, the boys played dreidel and had different competitions.


In Mrs. Depew’s class, students are making their own interactive textbooks about famous explorers of North America.


In Dr. B.’s class, the girls are working on percentages and decimals.  They work together as a group to solve the math problems.


In Science with Mr. Wilson, the Yachad girls have been reviewing vocabulary and making their own flash cards.  They will then use this information to make up skits and experiments about their words.


The girls also talked about how to spread the Chanukah miracle light with Rabbi Skolnik.


In Rabbi Skolnik’s class, the boys reviewed concepts they have been working on together.


The Yachad boys are working on their Frontier Academy work with Mr. Wilson.  They are doing a great job of working on their General Studies and keeping up to date with their work.



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