Growing and Working Together

We have been working so diligently at school, working on overcoming challenges and learning to problem solve.  Students are following school routines and getting ready for Chanukah.  So many different, fun learning activities happen throughout the day.  Here are some highlights from last week.

Tipot and Geshem classes got to have lunch together today.


The Mayim class had sensory fun getting dreidels out of packing peanuts.  They also made Menorahs to decorate the hallway.



Mrs. Shenk’s class worked in different reading groups, making Hebrew letters, playing “I Spy” with Hebrew letters, and reading together.  They also decorated dreidels.IMG_4449IMG_4450IMG_4451


Mrs. Gore’s class is reading a book together.  They start each time by reviewing aloud what happened the day before and continue on for the next day.


Mrs. Kalter’s class transitions to music and sings along as they get ready for the morning.  They also earned time to play games at the end of their morning time.



Mrs. Bagley’s class worked together as a group to find different ways of solving subtraction problems.


Rabbi Kalter’s class worked on translating difficult words before reading a passage in Hebrew.  They also began making a Menorah project with the Chanukah blessing on it.



Mrs. Depew’s literature circles had students reading aloud together and writing two paragraph summaries about the chapters.


The Yachad girls are working on the scientific process and identifying independent variables and constants in science experiments.  They spent time reviewing what science words mean and how to apply them to the experiments.


Rabbi Skolnik’s class has been discussing the contracts between husbands and wives and how it would protect the wife in case of divorce.


We hope you have a great week!

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