Parent-Teacher Conferences November 20th and 21st

This past week at Maayan was full of learning in all the classrooms.  Students are really growing in all subject areas.  We, as a school, had a strong finish to our first trimester.  Teachers look forward to meeting with all of the parents Monday, November 20th and Tuesday, November 21st.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

In Tipot, students sang a song about sleeping and jumping lions.  They then acted out the song together.


In the Mayim class, music time with Mrs. Bagley was so much fun.  Students sang and played “the drums” on the floor.


In Geshem class, students did a great job sharing and creating inventive things with tiles and connecting blocks.


In Mrs. Shenk’s class, students made flash cards of Hebrew words, with pictures on one side and the word on the other.


In Mrs. Gore’s class, students made sight words and re-told stories during centers.  They also wrote and illustrated their sentences in their journals.


In Mrs. Kalter’s class, students found words in their Chumash students found root words and pre-fixes and worked as a class to translate the words.


In Mrs. Bagley’s class, students worked on math patterns and being able to predict what would come next in the pattern.  Students who finished early played a math game where they had to write numbers in base ten, expanded, and unit form.


In Rabbi Kalter’s class, students read and translated Hebrew text together.


In Mrs. Depew’s class, students started literature circles and small group novel studies.  This week, they focused on summarizing events, setting, and characters.


In Mrs. Skolnik’s class, the girls looked back over text they had translated and started forming questions about the text.


In Dr. B’s class, the girls worked on their book projects.  5th graders also worked on decimal place value.


The Yachad boys practiced presenting their dioramas about events leading up to the American Revolution to Mrs. Depew’s class.


Have a great rest of your day, and we will see you all at parent-teacher conferences.

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