Reading at Maayan

We have had a great week at Maayan.  Students are getting reading for our Parent Book Tea tomorrow, November 14th at 2:15pm.  Please come join us, sip some tea, and eat biscuits with your child while they read to you in Hebrew and in English.  You will be impressed by all they are learning.


Our Geshem class has been practicing lining up and walking in the hallway the correct way.  They are doing a great job.



The Mayim class davened together during circle time.  Students were so enthusiastic about participating.IMG_4304IMG_4303


In Mrs. Shenk’s class students worked through packets, coloring by number using the Hebrew letters.IMG_4308IMG_4307

In Mrs. Gore’s class, reading groups are going very well.  Students are making sight words, describing main ideas and details from their stories, reading aloud, and writing in their journals.  The kindergarten class works with Mrs. Gore in the morning. They are making a letter book.  The class is also working on the life cycle of pumpkins.  They made a great art project to go along with this unit.



Mrs. Kalter’s class worked on identifying prefixes, root words, and suffixes to be able to translate Hebrew into English.


Mrs. Bagley’s class worked in reading groups.  They worked on word work, reading to self, reading aloud with Mrs. Bagley, and illustrating a Dojo character.


In Rabbi Kalter’s class, students read in pairs or small groups to each other.


In Dr. B.’s class, the girls worked on breaking apart word problems and finished reading their literature books to start their summaries and projects.


In Mr. Mahr’s class, the boys worked on writing opinion pieces about planning a field trip and fund raising for it.


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