Fun Activities and Learning at Maayan

This week, we have been working on a variety of topics and utilizing all modalities of learning.  Students are enthusiastically taking what they have learned and applying to different situations.


Preschool classes did puzzle time in the afternoon while relaxing, and they had a special show and tell time during circle.

IMG_4253IMG_4266Kindergarten and First Grade worked on making sight words, making words with the silent “e” at the end, and reading books to themselves in Mrs. Gore’s class.


In Mrs. Shenk’s class students wrote and copied Hebrew letters.


P.E. is so much fun! Students worked in teams for relay races.IMG_4240In Mrs. Kalter’s class, students had their Chumash play.  What a great event for our families!

pic3pic2pic 1

In Mrs. Bagley’s class students worked with larger numbers in math, identifying it in number and word form.


Art with Mrs. Derfler is so much fun!


In Rabbi Kalter’s class students were sequencing the verses of the Parsha that they wrote about and illustrated.


In Mrs. Depew’s class, students presented information and current events from Binyan.


In Dr. B’s class, the girls worked on math and planning their book report projects.


The girls also worked with Rabbi Skolnik in Judaic studies.


The Yachad Boys worked on vocabulary words with Rabbi Skolnik


Have a great rest of your week!

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