Learning is fun

We had another great week last week at Maayan.  The school was full of fun activities and learning throughout the building.  Classes are getting into the routines of learning for each subject.  Students are engaged and learning in so many different formats and modalities.

Our Tippot class made autumn wreaths with Morah Angela and had sang a song about the Torah with Morah Tehila.


Our Geshem and Mayim classes listened to stories while they ate lunch and snack.  In Morah Esther’s class, the students re-read a story and told what it was about.


In Mrs. Shenk’s class, 1st graders were reading Hebrew words aloud and figuring out the meaning as a group.


2nd grade practiced for their Chumash party in Mrs. Kalter’s class.  IMG_4217IMG_4218

In Mrs. Bagley’s class, students played a game together about place value.


In Mrs. Depew’s class, students worked on their energy science unit by watching and describing how energy converts from one form to another.


In Rabbi Kalter’s class earned prizes for answering 100 questions.


The Yachad girls worked on their project presentations in Mr. Mahr’s classIMG_4215

In Mrs. Skolnik’s class, the Yachad girls worked on reviewing Chumash by asking and answering different types of questions in groups of two.


The Yachad Talmud class worked on reading Gemara with Rabbi Skolnik and deciding whether or not it was asking a question or giving a statement.IMG_4224

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