Sukkah Building and Academic Projects

Last week, we had a short week at school.  Students worked on projects and academic games throughout the week to solidify different concepts and finish up units.  We also had school-wide activities to help booster school spirit.


Students worked together in groups to solve riddles and have a school scavenger hunt.  All groups worked cooperatively and went around the entire school to search for clues.


Students in second grade and higher worked together to have a Sukkah building contest.  They used materials to build and decorate their Sukkahs.


Kindergarten and first grade used Trix cereal and The Lorax to have fun learning activities and make bar graphs.


Mrs. Bagley’s class played place value BINGO.


Mrs. Depew’s class finished up their geography unit with paper mache globes and relief maps of Oregon.  They also got to rotate through centers to play academic games, like spiral card multiplication and synonym dominoes.

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