Getting Ready for Succot

We have had a fun, full week at Maayan.  The classes are getting decorations ready for Succot, and projects are happening in the General Studies classrooms.  As you spend time with family over the next few days, may these pictures bring you joy.  Our students at Maayan truly shine in their classrooms.



In our Tipot class, friends read books they liked, held special beanie baby friends in circle time, and made picture decorations for their Succah.


Our Geshem class had fun making a Mitzvah tree and Giving tree, as well as building, and making Lemon sensory rice.


In the Mayim class, students used shapes, beads, and ribbon to make their hanging decorations for their Succah.


Our Kindergarten and First Grade classes wrote about things that were special to them, as well as solved math problems to find hidden sight words.


In Mrs. Bagley’s class, students used math manipulatives to demonstrate numbers and place value.


Rabbi Kalter’s class made stained glass projects to hang in their Succahs.


In Mrs. Depew’s class, students started their paper mache globes as the culmination of their world geography unit.


Mr. Mahr’s class worked on the differences between primary and secondary sources and wrote their responses to the information they read.

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