Love of Learning

We had a great week at Maayan.  So many things are starting for our students.  Throughout the school, children are engaged in learning and projects.  It has been amazing to see the happy faces and excitement that is spreading throughout the school.

Pic 11Pic 12Pic 13Pic 14All of our elementary classes started art this week with Mrs. Derfler.  They worked on  using watercolors and oil pastels to create pictures.


Kindergarten worked in learning centers to write their names with many different modalities.


Our Geshem class worked together in teams to put together puzzles and work on taking turns.


Our second grade class had hands-on science with Mr. Mahr.  They all were given the same amount of paper and tape and had to work as teams to see which group could build that tallest tower that would stay standing.  They had to figure out how to make a firm and strong foundation.


Second grade also had a social circle in class this week, talking about how we can be on the lookout to help friends at recess.  They came up with some great ideas about how to be a good friend and include others.


In Mrs. Gore’s class, students practiced writing the date in the different forms, so they could put it in their journal.  They also got to add stickers and drawings to their good day notes in class.



In math, the older boys worked on putting integers in order after figuring out the square root of the numbers.

Have a great week!

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