Learning Is So Much Fun!

The best way to learn is to do. Second grade students are learning about geometry, and what better way than to use shapes as they play a geometry game.

2nd geo2nd geo 32nd geo 2

A shape scavenger hunt is another great way to learn about geometry!

2nd geometry 32nd geometry 22nd geometry


Persuasive writing is an important piece of any strong writing program. Mrs. Depew’s class used double stuff Oreos to help remember to, state an opinion, give a reason, give examples to support that opinion, and then restate the opinion. Such a great, fun way to learn how to be persuasive!

persuasive writing 3:4 2persuasive writing 3:4


Second grade is working on book projects since they have finished reading their literature circle books. They are so creative!

book project 2nd 2book project 2ndbook project 2nd 4


Reading and writing go hand-in-hand with these great graphic organizers. Third and fourth graders learn about theme and author’s message, as they read their literature books.


Good writers start young! Kindergarten is already using graphic organizers to learn about details in stories.

k writing

Look at this beautiful writing and illustration about Purim from another Kindergartener.

purim writing

One comment

  1. Holy cow! I just realized the writing at the bottom is Bella. I am so impressed. I’ve attached a photo from Purim. She did a really accurate drawing too! Thanks for sharing this. I loved seeing “my” second graders featured.



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